Aviva Renewables

Aviva Wind Turbine, Perth, Scotland


Why locate a wind turbine here?

  • Aviva is a large consumer of electricity that would be supplied directly by the wind turbine
  • There is a good existing electricity grid connection
  • The site is easily accessible given the proximity to the M90 motorway
  • A turbine located here would make the most of Perth’s great wind resource
  • There would be limited ecological impact given the built-up nature of the site
  • The visual impact would be relatively contained given the surrounding terrain screening


What is the Proposal?

Number of turbines:            1

Maximum height:                77m

Turbine capacity:                 800 – 900kW

Equivalent No. of

homes supplied:                  481

Estimated reduction in atmospheric emissions:

Carbon Dioxide:                  804 tonnes per annum

Sulphur Dioxide:                 18 tonnes per annum

Nitrous Oxides:                    5 tonnes per annum

Have Your Say

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